Don’t Stress on The Job

Knowing what’s important is the first step to moving stress as an obstacle.

For most people their main stream of income, or their 40 hour a week job is not their passion. Some of us even went to school for a certain degree and never landed a job in that field. However, don’t let the “job” cause you to forget that this work may simply be a means to an end.

If your job is simply for a means of income that doesn’t mean you show up just to “get a check” so you perform the bare minimum. That sort of mentality can lead to a lack of productivity and demonstrates unprofessionalism. And you may ask, why should I be “all in” if this isn’t my career path?

Well No.1 it’s important to understand your job provides some kind of service to someone who may truly need what you offer. Even if it seem irrelevant or minute, someone may actually appreciate what you produce or provide.

No. 2 You never know who is watching. Someone may walk into your building with an opportunity that could maneuver you into the career path you are seeking or maybe a promotion is available that will provide a significant salary increase. If none of these happen, your posture alone will prove you as a person of character and earn you respect from other people.

Remember though, It is important to utilize your time outside of the job along with every dollar you can to do what you love to do even if you have to spend your first year(or more)simply volunteering. Not only will this give you a sense of joy but it will also help you discover your purpose while impacting the lives of others.

Sometimes you can only focus small amounts of time to the thing that matters most but consistency will eventually tip the scale allowing options to spend less time on the job and more time on your passion. I promise you, if you are willing to push past how you feel and give all you can to this life you have, your life will reward you back!

Be Encouraged

Aquila T Carmon