Lost and Found

Have you ever lost something that truly had value in your life? The purpose of this question is to help understand what has value in your life. Does your mind search for things lost that are tangible or things you’ve lost that the human eye cannot visibly see? Do you think of tangible things or things that truly hold the most value such as hope, faith, courage, belief or vision. 

A few days ago, a friend of mine called me in search of his daughter’s bracelet. My friend was a bit bothered that his daughter allowed this bracelet to fall off her wrist knowing the investment that was made in this piece of jewelry. She had misplaced a beautiful bracelet which in turn caused the money he placed into it to be lost as well. The great thing about this story is that the bracelet was found a day later hiding in the car.  

I believe this teaches us that many of the things we lose are not far from us. Sometimes they are so close and, in our search, to find them we overlook them because we just didn’t search well in all the possible places. 

My encouragement today is to remind you of the fact that what you’ve lost can be found. If you’ve lost hope for your life, this can be found in a relationship with a Sovereign God who is ready to prove there is an answer to your doubts.  

If you’ve lost the vision for your life, your family, your ministry, then certainly vision can be regained by connecting what you believed God for to what God has already promised you. God has the provision for your vision if you will be patient during the darkest times.  

If you’ve lost joy, peace and confidence that you can achieve what you desire, then you must simply need to begin praying for God to lead you on the path of blessing and favor. We must ask for God to order our steps so that we can fulfill our purpose and watch how in moving in direction led by God we will continuously be met with the things we need and regain the things that hold true value.  

I pray today that true value is found in your life today. Valuable things such as love for yourself and others. Such as joy and peace that can’t be dictated by circumstance. Such as courage to keep moving forward in your vision and strength that will allow you to absorb pain and disappointments as fuel. I pray that value in your life is not connected to things that can be removed by people or contracts but that value is connected to what God has placed inside of you.  

Be Encouraged  

Pastor Q

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