About Me

“We Live our best days upon discovering Christ who gave us life”

I earned my Diploma of Theology from Greater Mount Zion Bible Institute. Currently a student at Grand Canyon University. I am an Ordained Minister and I oversee our church operations at The Original Rose of Sharon Church Ministries(TOROS) located at 300B Broad St Wilson NC 27893. Check us out at http://www.torosme.org.

I’ve been serving in ministry for over 15 years as a youth leader, worship leader, Assistant Pastor, Administrator, Treasurer and since most of my tenure has been within a small church with a huge heart and vision that list of hats I’ve worn, could continue on and on. I have spent a over fourteen years growing and journeying in marriage since July 2007 with my amazing wife Katrina Carmon. I am growing daily as a father of three of my beautiful blessing of a daughter Mahari and my incredible twin boys Zayden and Gavriel.

I have 10 years of experience in the Banking industry but my wife and I are now more than ever passionate about building wealth that we can pass down to our children. We are working to empower people with an entrepreneurial mindset intending to direct as many people we can on a path of financial freedom. I believe in fulfilling purpose with no restraints.

So join me as I endeavor to encourage your life and extract greatness from your life for the sake of all of those who need the treasure within you.

I look forward to sharing with you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Enrich Your Life!

Aquila T Carmon

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