Timely Direction

The other day my wife and I were headed to lunch with her family. A portion of my in-laws decided they would gather in celebration of her grandmother’s 88th birthday. It ‘s such a blessing celebrating another year with this beautiful woman whom by outside appearance has seemed to stop aging along side the time she lives. It was an incredible event to be attending but we ran into a bit of a fix that wasn’t a major issue but sometimes when someone is tired, babies are crying and people are calling you asking you where you are and you can only give are landmarks that mean nothing to you the anticipation of celebration can turn into simply frustration. My wife’s phone was ringing constantly and I kept making wrong turns. Finally, even though we were late, we decided to pull over, let the map reset on my phone and follow the new directions.

Oh how good it is to recieve timely directions. It reminded me of how lost we can end up without God’s direction. Years from now, days from now, even minutes from now are unchartered territory.  We don’t know what the future will hold. We don’t know what is around the next corner or behind the next open door but direction, good directions are always on time. We may have set an arrival time for certain plans in our life but we must understand that time planned and set by ourselves is always subject to change because we are not always in complete control.  So we must be open to a shift in direction in order to arrive at the predestined place and not just a destination.

Acts 16:7 talks about how Paul arrived at Mys’ia and decided he and the crew would travel to Bithynia but the Spirit would not allow them to Go. Instead he directed Paul to go to Macedonia and Paul concluded that the God called them to go there after a he was presented a vision of a man pleading for help.  One of the things I so greatly love about God is His ability to see the entire picture. He holds the map updated with every main highway and interstate to every dirt road and foot path.  He knows the way in which we should go. Proverbs 3:6 instructs man to acknowledge God in all of our ways and he shall direct our path. When we follow God with our hearts, He gives us timely direction for our feet. In the times that we seem to be lost, we are not. He guides us and we always arrive at the destination He needs us to be. To follow Christ, that is wisdom. Yeap that is wisdom.

~Aquila T Carmon

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