A Sense of Urgency; RIP Kobe Bryant

The thing that scares me the most at age 37 is to have to answer the question….”what have you done with your life?”

Many of us reflect and ponder about the purpose and reason we are living. Wasting life is never something intentionally done but if the truth is told many of us think we have plenty of time. In reality, time is more valuable than all the riches that exist in the earth and comes much less accessible than currency. We can’t invest to make more of it but we can invest to make better use of it.

I feel that even Methuselah in his 969 years of life may have been short lived. Comparing this to the 41 years of life God gave to Kobe Bryant, Kobe’s life is what my grandfather would have described as a “bubble on the water…..One moment it’s here and the next moment it’s gone”

One thing I learned from Kobe Bryant over the last couple of years watching his career from afar and paying close attention to his interviews and videos is that he was committed. He was one of the greatest because he left everything on the court. He was determined to be the first one to practice and the last one to leave because he understood that where ever we are is temporary and to be great in temporary moments would require giving everything you have IN those moments.

This is a wake up call to live life everyday with a sense of urgency. To understand and embrace the urgency and necessity to give all we have mentally, physically and spiritually to our God given purpose and to the ones we love. And every time we achieve a victory we ask…..”ok what’s next?”

There is no time to waste. Every second on the clock counts. We’re pressed with another reminder that a “new” year does not promise us A year.

My prayers and Condolences to The Family of Kobe Bryant, His daughter Gianna and to the families of all 9 lives lost on yesterday January 26th 2020.

Hope Builds Legacy but not without Action!

God Bless you,

Aquila T Carmon

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